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Welcome to the  Bulldog Club of Colorado Springs website.  We strive to promote the Bulldog breed in the Rocky Mountain region through education, events and fellowship among it's members.  If you own a bulldog, want to own a bulldog, or just like the breed, we hope you will find useful information on this site. Our club offers several avenues of involvement and activities to our members.




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We are active in conformation, (showing our dogs at dog shows).  We have training classes both in the club and through outside sources.  Weather you plan to show or not, it's a good opportunity to be involved in our club, work with your dog and see what showing is all about.


We are involved in obedience and "Cainine Good Citizen" training.  Simply put do your dogs do what you want them to do, when you give them a specific command?  We have a certified Canine Good Citizen instructor as a member of our club, this is a valuable resource when working with your dog.  We also use outside sources for obedience training.


We promote good health through health testing.  As a club, both nationally and local, we are striving to produce a strong healthy breed through health testing and certification.  See the Education page for more information.




In addition hold regular monthly meetings, we also host several events throughout the year which spotlight our favorite breed.  Each June we host a specialty show where you can watch bulldogs from all over the country and participate with your own dogs if that is your goal.  It is held the same weekend as an AKC all-breed show, so there are lots of opportunities to meet and greet folks who share your love of dogs.  We also host a sanctioned B-match, an opportunity for us to show off our own beloved bullies and encourage newcomers in an informal and relaxed atmosphere.  And perhaps most important, there is the encouragement and mentoring that comes with sharing our collective experience in this unique breed.

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If you are interested in becoming part of our club you will need to be sponsored by a club member in good standing.  We recommend you attend a few meetings to get to know everyone and establish a sponsorship.   Click on the button below to print a membership application form.   Please read the application, including the BCA Code of Ethics and requirements for sponsorship, and fill out the information.    After your attendance at two meetings, your membership will be voted on.
If you would like to be on our mailing list, use the "contact us" button below and send us your E-mail address and we will add you to our list. This will inform you about club meetings and events.


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