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Due to unforseen circumstances, we will be temporarily disbanding our rescue program.

Thank you to everyone who adopted one of our beloved Bullies and to the volunteers who care for them and gave of themselves to insure good forever homes for each dog.  

Ours is an appealing and very popular breed.  Unfortunately, not everyone who acquires a bulldog understands the breed's unique needs.  Often bullies find themselves without a home because of health or behavioral problems.  Others need a rescue because of the loss of an elderly owner.  Our club is dedicated to the idea that all bullies need a good forever home.

We at BCCS adhere to the principles set forth by the Bulldog Club of America's Rescue Network.  Please visit their website at www.thebca.org and click on the rescue page.  There you will find information about adopting a dog in rescue or instructions about how to surrender a bully into the rescue program.

For additional information about the Colorado Springs Bulldog Club's Rescue Division,  please call (719) 323-5455.


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